whidbey island

Whidbey Island is a 50-mile long amoeba squiggle in the waters of Puget Sound. It’s home to 71,000 people, most of whom reside in the north end near Oak Harbor and the Naval Air Station, the island’s largest employer.

Traditionally, locals farmed, fished or logged. Today retirees and second-home owners find our dramatic water-mountain vistas inspiring, and savor more relaxed living in the south end’s pocket communities.

Outdoor living means kayaking on the Sound, hiking through old-growth forest or digging clams along our miles of coastline. Bird and whale watching are major spectator sports here, and gardeners thrive in Whidbey’s rain shadow.

Artists flourish as robustly as Himalayan blackberry bushes. You may catch a glimpse of best-selling authors scrutinizing coffee house patrons for character descriptions. Amateur theatre clamors for your applause, while area galleries showcase homegrown talent with international reputations.

Coming home to Whidbey means decompressing for winter storm-watchers and summer hammock-nappers. The Olympics loom magical as mirages on bright mornings, and soothe us with reflected sunsets. Coming home to Whidbey is a pleasure you’ll value.