Bunny Daze - 2020

There are bunnies in Langley having a hopping good time, so grab your ears and join in the celebration of Bunny Daze!

Shop Hop all week long in town for creative bunny gifts, from sculpture, paintings, posters, and blown glass, to chocolates, t-shirts, trinkets, and bunny ears, just in time for Easter.

And if you’re lucky, you might see a Wascally Wabbit on Saturday, April 20th driving around town with daffodils and stuffed bunnies. While you are here, enjoy lots of hare-raising specials and play some Hopscotch on the sidewalks.

Bunny Daze is a celebration of all the Langley bunny fever. Come shop hop to find the perfect bunny creations available all over town with lots of fun and games as well. Be sure to look for funny bunny specials w at local restaurants and wine tasting shops. Hop on down to Langley and be sure and wear your bunny best.


5-11 April 2020

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