Your Guide to Langley Washington on Whidbey Island

(Things to do in Langley | Whidbey Island, Washington)

Walking around Langley Village feels like Martha’s Vineyard felt long ago: big blue skies above dotted with cotton candy clouds, shimmering blue water framing boats large and small, and a truly charming village with friendly locals, unique shops, and wonderful spots to grab a coffee, a drink, or a meal.

Langley also has the bonus of a fantastic view of the Cascade Mountains etched sharply into the landscape above Puget Sound, and a gorgeous crop of local bunnies hopping around town. Yep, bunnies

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Best spots to visit in Langley Washington

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Let’s talk wandering: Langley is a small town with many pockets to explore. Why not start off with a wander to get your bearings? Grab a coffee at one of our fine purveyors of caffeine (it is the Pacific Northwest, after all) such as Ulysses Coffee.

There’s a waterfront park and beach just down the street – look for the Instagram moment-worthy butterfly wings on First and make a left.

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Langley Whale photo credit Si Fisher

If you’re lucky enough to see one of the gray whales that migrate through the Passage feasting on ghost shrimp, make sure you ring that bell at the top of the park so everyone can join in on the fun!

Stopping by Flying Bear Farm Flower Shop is a must. It’s magic. Just walk in the door and you will be treated to the fragrance of old-fashioned flowers with natural perfumes fresh from Whidbey Island and the Seattle Flower Market.

Cards made by local artists, oil blends to uplift your spirit, and dreamy totems poke out from every corner. Buy an amazing arrangement or just a few stems to brighten up your home any time of the year.

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They can also make your wedding or any special event dreams come true with their intuitive design, flowing contemporary style and creativity.

Question: Where is the best lunch spot in Langley?

Answer: So glad you asked, see below for information about the best restaurants in Langley

Lunch is a difficult choice, truth be told. The Braeburn, if you didn’t get there for an amazing breakfast, serves equally amazing lunches.

Prima Bistro has French-style cuisine and some of the best views in Langley from their patio on the second floor.  The Saltwater Café is famous for their lobster rolls and oysters.

Prima Bistro Food from Facebook page
Lagnley Kitchen from webstie

Langley Kitchen is the source for a picnic breakfast or lunch with its yumminess. See? It’s going to be a tough decision. Best stay another day.

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Question: Looking for fun indoor activities in Langley for the family or even for date night?

Answer: Catch a movie at the Clyde Theater!

One of our favorite spots in town is the Clyde Theater. Very old fashioned, it shows only one film at a time in a venue where everyone knows everyone, the tweens and teens all run down to the front of the theater so they can giggle and share secrets with one another, and many patrons prefer to sit in “their” seats.

The popcorn and drinks are so affordable you almost feel guilty paying so little. It’s also housed in one of the most iconic buildings in Langley and so beloved most locals have a photo of it on their phone. The community loves The Clyde!

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Question: Where to go to get a drink in Langley?

Answer: Again we have options!  Wine, local beer, or drinks with pub food?

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Ready for a drink? Head on over to Ott and Hunter to sample fine local wines, listen to live music, and take in the glorious water views.

Or perhaps it’s a Double Bluff Brewery day and you’d like to sit outside by a fire as you choose from a list of locally made beer and pet some friendly dogs.

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Pub Food Stock

Add some food to that drink and stop by Spyhop, a friendly spot ready to serve.

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Langley Marina photo credit Si Fisher

End your day taking in the sunset reflected off the Cascade Mountains at the Langley Marina. Another lovely place to watch for whales, let children run and play, or just sit and dream of living here!

This small marina is a nice destination for recreational boats, and the calm waters of Saratoga Passage make it a perfect place to launch your kayak or paddle board.

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Whidbey Island Kayaking offers rentals and guided scenic kayak tours, including those at night so you can float under the stars and above the luminescence of Puget Sound.

Are you a morning person?

Featuring the Best Donut Ever: Bavarian cream-filled powdered sugar. Am I right or am I right? If that one donut isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole lotta other sweet treats along with good breakfast and lunch plates.

You can order online and pick it up, or there’s a nice outdoor seating area to enjoy on the lawn or patio. And don’t forget your pooch and leave that doggie donut behind – trust me, they’ll know.

Whidbey Donuts Rainbow

Or are you a night owl?

Dang good beer. And cider. All on tap! Brewer’s nights, live music, a genial crowd, and very yummy food. This is a fun place, and one of the few open past 8:00 pm on the South End.

There’s even some outdoor seating perched to let you watch the world go by. Does it actually matter if they are the first to offer a Basket of Bacon as an appetizer? Clearly, they should be celebrated all the same.

Basket of Bacon

Et cetera, et cetera

Stashed away are quiet spots to help you nourish and support your body and soul. The second floor is awash with ways to love yourself and others with licensed massage practitioners, acupuncturists, and sound bath facilitators.

Calm your mind and spirit with a yoga class at Bayview Studio. Finally, treat yourself with a pedicure at Simply Nails, or get those flashy painted nails and let them shine!

Yoga downward dog

The Original Bayview Corner

Bayview Community Hall hosts weddings, music performances, winter markets and community events.  Established in 1928, it was built using local materials and features a fine maple dance floor.  The history here is palpable, and this building is loved by all who know it.

Before the diking district and highway department changed the flow of things, this building and Bayview Corner were the center of the South End community. All these years later, the Bayview Community Hall is still serving the same purpose it did when it was constructed almost 100 years ago.

Bayview Community Hall Floors

You can see, can’t you? Why all roads lead to Bayview.


Enjoy! <3


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